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How It Works

Laptr.com members don’t just list their parts and resources and then hope a compatible partner finds them, they are MATCHED to other members according to their unique part and resource details. Members provide key details on what parts are needed or what resources they have available. The Laptr.com system then reaches out across all available listed parts and resources and MATCHES the most compatible parts and resources together.

If you have a part listed, your member dashboard will show you the resources which match it, and you decide which of those to send RFQ’s to.

If you have a resource listed, your member dashboard will show you the parts which have requested a quote from you. The RFQ will tell you what’s needed, quantities to quote, and any special instructions or specification documents. You can then produce a quote, upload it and send it back!

It’s that simple. Although Laptr.com provides a blanket part and resource Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), all members are also able to provide their own specific NDA’s, which must be read and approved prior to other members viewing RFQ’s or Quotes.

Check out the home page for an example of the parts and resources we have listed TODAY. Become a member and start connecting with companies today!

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