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Samples of Parts and Resources on Laptr:


Here's a sampling of parts being posted to the site

Name Material Degree of Difficulty Process 1 Process 2 Process 3
17ERSXXX-OP Steel 2 Lathe
rotatable sleeve Aluminum 3 CNC Machining Custom-made Parts Machined Parts
17EFBXXX-OP Aluminum 2 CNC Machining
Alex Youngwerth Steel 3 Metal Fabrication
Clevis Steel 4 Machined Parts Mill Lathe
Plastic 2 3-D Printing Plastic Materials
Bushing Brass 2 Lathe
Email test "part" oct Aircraft Alloy 5 Hone
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Here's a sampling of resources being posted to the site. Types of processes include: Mill, Lathe, Grind, Hone, Plating, Machined Parts, Prototyping, Plastic Parts, Plastic Molding, Metal Fabrication, Plastic Fabrication, Custom Machine, and more!

Name Material Degree of Difficulty Process 1 Process 2 Process 3
Haas VF2 #1 Any 3 Mill CNC Machining Machined Parts
Richard Tomer Any 4 CNC Machining Prototyping Machined Parts
Hanwah Swiss CNC Any 5 Swiss Product Production Run Lathe
ASI Manufacturing Steel 3 Mill Lathe Production Run
Any 5 CNC Machining Mill Machined Parts
Haas VF2 Super Speed Any 5 CNC Machining Mill Production Run
ASI Manufacturing Aluminum 3 Mill Lathe Production Run
CNC LATHE Any 4 Lathe Machined Parts Production Run
K & S Machining Mill Any 3 Mill Machined Parts Production Run
Machining Center 1 Any 4 Machined Parts CNC Machining Metal Fabrication
Carel Machine Any 2 Mill Lathe CNC Machining
CNC Lathe with Live Tooling Any 5 Lathe CNC Machining Mill
Horizon Manufacturing INC. Any 5 Custom-made Parts Prototyping Production Run
Haas VF-2 #2 Any 3 Mill CNC Machining Machined Parts
Bess Machining Any 3 Lathe CNC Machining Production Run
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